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What does being resilient mean to you?

First off, we have to understand the definition of resilience. In a nutshell It is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Someone recently said to me "Rosina you are a strong woman because you are resilient." Resilient people immediately look at a problem and say " what is the solution to the problem or what is this trying to teach me?" Do you feel like week to week life has created a new challenge for you? It is in those times you have to reach within and find the fuel to ignite your passion.

Everyday is a choice to either stay where you are or move forward in the direction of a life that you desire. Some days can be more challenging than others, but it is how you practice building your thoughts and actions in a positive way to get you through tough times. This is how you create a strong and resilient mind set. It is a skill that many can learn over time, but will take effort on your part.

Whatever your current situation is you have the opportunity to thrive in the midst of adversity and be resilient.

Stay encouraged.

- Rosina

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